Go Bold on Zoom with Pincurls

This bold pattern, Pincurls, was inspired by elle.b Salon that now occupies an art deco building in Denver. They completely renovated the interior and this pattern graces their doors and walls in vertical columns to designate multiple service areas. It’s part of…

Branding and the Power of Pattern

The most memorable brands do not live by logos, alone. Instead, they leverage their well-designed mark in every possible manner. The conscious, consistent use of fonts, colors, tone and positioning adds dimension. Some even encompass scent and sound to elevate…

Deco Down on Zoom

This new pattern, Deco Down, was inspired by an art deco building in Denver. It’s part of my new “The Line Up” collection, but I’m liking it in this soft palette for wallpaper — perfect for an accent wall without…

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